Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for New Coronavirus Pneumonia

From the pathophysiological characteristics of new coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) and the effect mechanism analysis of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), HBOT may have a good effect in the treatment of NCP persistent hypoxemia or Coronavirus Recovery. Analysis of the possible effects of HBOT on Coronavirus Recovery patients.

Advantages of HBOT for Coronavirus Recovery

HBOT is based on the laws of gas physics related to pressure. The differences and advantages of HBOT from atmospheric oxygen absorption are:

1. Improve the diffusion efficiency of oxygen, overcome the gas diffusion obstacle caused by interstitial lesions, as long as there is a certain amount of ventilation, you can obtain better gas exchange efficiency than normal people when breathing.

2. The physically dissolved oxygen content in the blood is much larger than the combined hemoglobin transport capacity. It does not depend on the oxygen transport function of hemoglobin, and can meet the oxygen consumption of the body's metabolic state.

3. The diffusion distance of oxygen is increased, and the aerobic metabolism needs of deep tissues and hypoperfusion tissues are solved.

4. HBOT can complete the repayment of "oxygen debt" in a short period of time, provide aerobic metabolism windows for deep hypoxic tissues and important organs, and play a good role in supporting treatment.

5. A large number of studies have confirmed the effect of HBOT on immune cells and inflammation. The therapeutic effect of hyperbaric oxygen in acute high altitude pulmonary edema has been confirmed by a lot of literature. Intermittent HBOT can reduce the accumulation of "oxygen debt" load, or it can play a role in delaying and blocking cytokine storms.