What is Hyperbaric Oxygen?

Hyperbaric oxygenation is a type of treatment, which involves the application of pure oxygen at high pressure (1.5 to 3 AT) times normal atmospheric pressure.

How are hyperbaric chambers?

There are different models for one or more people. The important thing is that the pressure is adequate a minimum of 1.5 AT and with a level of oxygen purity 100%. There hyperbaric chambers that are completely transparent so the potential effect of initial claustrophobia is completely eliminated.

It is a new therapy?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy dates back to the 1930s and has its foundations in diving medicine and is today approved by FDA and medical insurance paid all this treatment, depending on their medical diagnosis.

Why I never heard before hyperbaric medicine?

Although very old is a therapy that has needed very specific equipment, and today we have the technology needed to apply treatments properly and effectively. It had its origins in socialist countries where the state sought to minimize hospital costs and accelerate the healing of the sick. The lack of promotion of their benefits need more education on this topic.

What is the mechanism and action of hyperbaric oxygenation?

Pure oxygen breathed pressure, dissolved in blood plasma. Thus large amounts of pure oxygen in arterial and venous blood, which is used by the tissues directly, not needing the presence of red blood cells are achieved. These high levels of pure oxygen and this high pressure, the perfect environment for the various beneficial effects of hyperbaric oxygen. As the effects: anti-infectious, anti-edema, detoxifying, forming new blood vessels, stimulating collagen formation, which means an increase in the rate of healing, among others.

How does it feel during treatment in the chamber?

Once inside the hyperbaric chamber, it begins to increase pressure by injecting pure oxygen, so that the above air leaves the chamber. A slight pressure in the ears that is easily removed noticeable.

It Required given the presence of a doctor for hyperbaric treatment?

Like any medical act is a preliminary medical assessment that defines the protocol, number and sessions, time, pressure, etc. essential. Once this has been done, handling hyperbaric chambers it is performed by operators cameras prepared specifically for the application of these treatments.